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Midlife Magnificence

Release The Real You

Do you really think time is running out? That you’ve left it too late?

No, No, No.

Midlife is Life Just Beginning. This is where the fun really starts!

Of course, it’s taken you this long to realise you never got it together. That’s completely normal!

You had to do the wife/mother/career thing so you could grow up enough to find out what matters and what doesn’t in life.

So, you lost sight of yourself in the busyness of family and its obligations…

Well, now is the Perfect Time to stop holding back, reawaken your dreams and step back into the life you deserve.

Perhaps your marriage has gone seriously downhill; perhaps your children have left the nest; perhaps your job is stale.

Or perhaps you’ve spent your life alone struggling to survive, or successfully making a name for yourself in the corporate world.

Either way, you’ve found yourself longing for something more real and true to you. It’s time to go deeper and higher. It’s time to go further.

Working with me one-to-one, I’ll invite you to develop a brand-new sense of your own identity. You’ll shed old habits, create time for the things that feed your soul and learn to express who you truly are in everything you do.

Find out more about my Release the Real You Freedom Sessions right here.

Self Study Programme

From Fear to Freedom: flowing through life’s changes with ease

Change is a natural and necessary part of life. And yet it can very often paralyse us in fear of the unknown and unjustified self-doubt.

You worry about the future before it’s even happened and that is a waste of valuable time, because one thing doesn’t always lead to another like it does inside your head.

And if your worst-case scenario does occur, all that worry does is prime you for panic and despair.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time preparing yourself calmly for any eventuality?

Wouldn’t it be better to spend your time creating the positive change you want to see in your life?

The ability to create and manage change is an essential life skill that many of us never learn.

Don’t let an unexpected turn in the road ever car-wreck your life again.

This is the course you need to put yourself back in the driving seat.

This is a self study course which will be delivered to you via email over 4 consecutive weeks. The pace you choose to complete the lessons will be your own. This is amazing  value: currently priced at just


I can’t say how long I will hold it at this price. Click the button below for more detailed information. You can sign up today!

Facebook Group

The Aligned Midlife Pathway Facebook Community

On any journey, it’s community that gives you the greatest support. That’s why I created The Aligned Midlife Pathway Facebook group – it’s my core community and where I am most present.

Together we are each seeking to embrace the Truth of Who We Really Are and to live each day in greater alignment with our own personal values and loves.

We encourage one another to Keep On Growing because however old you are, or whatever you’ve been through in your life, or whatever time you feel you’ve wasted, we know it’s Never Too Late.

The key? Taking one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other along the Pathway, and being in each moment, uncovering the joy (even in the challenges), and above all, right here, right now, Being You.

It’s a safe and accepting environment in which to share your experiences and ask your questions along the way.

You may be signed up to the Your Midlife Alignment Newsletter, you may follow my Facebook business page, but if want to be part of the juicy conversation and have your voice heard, THIS is where you need to be!

Renew your Faith

Heal Your Religious Wounds & Be Free

This is for you if you’ve been burned. This is for you if past religious or spiritual experiences have left you scarred, confused or hurt, and yet you still know you are a Spiritual Person who needs that Divine Connection.

The good news is, you don’t have to chuck it all in.

Perhaps you’ve only recently left the church, or maybe you were driven out years ago because you didn’t fit the mould. You couldn’t conform your ‘thoughts, words and deeds’, and you couldn’t be untrue to yourself any longer.

It’s painful to not be accepted by your faith community. It’s scary to find yourself on a different spiritual path.

But none of this means you’ve been abandoned by God.

None of this means you have to abandon God.

I can help you navigate a way back to faith, a faith that resonates with you, a faith that supports you and a faith that frees you to trust in yourself, in your life path and in the peace, joy and purpose that can be yours.

Together we can heal your religious wounds, forgive the church (or yourself, or God), and set you free.

You’ll discover that your new go-it-alone faith is really the best place to be – and you’ll find you’re not so alone after all.

Arrange a complimentary and confidential chat to see if this is for you.

What some of my clients are saying

"Christina is an amazingly intuitive and empathetic coach. She has helped me shine a mirror on my life, allowing me to reassess what's important to me. Through her guidance I've reconnected with my true self and started to live the life I want! Thank you Christina..."
"Christina's ability to see through the smoke and mirrors my brain creates is wonderful. She is able to help me articulate cues that help me find my way, in ways that make sense to my brain. She's always professional, non-judgmental, and creates a safe space where I can express whatever comes up."