I would love to connect with you and be your guide on this next stage of your life journey.

There are several ways to work with me. See which one best suits your current needs and get in touch.

Private Coaching

Mindset Mastery For Change

This is for you if you are hungry to make changes in your life, to live better and shine brighter.

This is for you if you are ready to shift the patterns of thinking and living that keep you stuck in overwhelm, confusion and inaction.

This is for you if you dream of trusting your own thoughts, feelings and intuition so you can eliminate doubt from your life.

This programme will provide you with the opportunity to dig deep into self-actualization, reconnecting to who you truly are, what you want in life and how to get there.

You will come out the other side with a deeper self-knowledge and a greater confidence in expressing who your truly are, your beliefs, opinions and choices.

You won’t be worried about “getting it right” or what others may think, because you will know your own worth and you will have the means to experience peace and joy every day of your life.

This is invaluable.

Talk to me.

Private Coaching

Holding Faith

This is for you if you have been burnt. This is for you if past spiritual or religious experiences have left you scarred, confused or hurt, and yet you still know you are a spiritual person who needs that divine connection.

You don’t have to chuck it all in.

I can help you navigate a way back to faith, a faith that resonates with you, a faith that supports you and a faith that frees you to trust in yourself, in your life path and in the peace, joy and purpose that can be yours.

This is invaluable.

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Need to combine the two? No problem. Need a variation on these themes? No problem. Your private coaching programme is just between you and me, so we will tailor it to your needs – to exactly where you are right now and looking forward to exactly where you want to go.

Sound good? Then talk to me. Book your free exploratory call with me today and let’s get your new life started.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Life-Change Mastery

Making Change Work For You

Prefer to take these next steps with new friends?
In my group programme, you will explore what divine connection means for you, while reconnecting to your own unique self, and connecting to others for mutual support on the journey.

Do you struggle with decision-making?

Do you fear the changes in our modern world?

Are you afraid to take steps to change your own life?

Do you long for the ease and grace to navigate life’s muddy waters with confidence?

After these 4 weeks of exploration you will be ready to step back into your life with renewed confidence. You will feel supported to take those steps you have feared to take and to live the life you deserve.

Week 1: where the hell am I?

Week 2: trusting your divine safety net

Week 3: trusting your inner wisdom

Week 4: enjoying the journey –
your personal roadmap to success and happiness

Book a call with me to learn more and so I can notify you when the course is next in session.

Private Facebook Group

Realign with the Divine 5 Day Challenge

Interested in joining a community of explorers seeking to reconnect to their spiritual support base? Interested in letting this divine connection guide you to a deeper sense of peace and purpose? Looking for a safe environment in which to share your experiences and ask your questions along the way?

The Aligned Life Pathway Facebook group is home to my core community.

It is also home the Realign with the Divine 5 Day Challenge.

5 divinely simple ways to reconnect to God for deeper serenity and purpose.

Follow the link, request to join and start the challenge (you will find the “Divine” videos in the file section).

We’d love to welcome you there.

What some of my clients are saying

"Christina is an amazingly intuitive and empathetic coach. She has helped me shine a mirror on my life, allowing me to reassess what's important to me. Through her guidance I've reconnected with my true self and started to live the life I want! Thank you Christina..."
"Christina's ability to see through the smoke and mirrors my brain creates is wonderful. She is able to help me articulate cues that help me find my way, in ways that make sense to my brain. She's always professional, non-judgmental, and creates a safe space where I can express whatever comes up."