Release The Real You Freedom Sessions

Stepping Up for a Magnificent Midlife

Hey Beautiful Woman –

  • Are you stuck in a rut in your marriage, your job, your life?
  • Have you been putting your family first for so long you’ve forgotten who YOU really are?
  • Are you afraid that time is running out?
  • Are you ready to break free?

Let me share this –


I can show you how to stop holding back and start living the life you deserve

Christina Sharp - Midlife Mentor

Are you caught in the “Obligation Trap”?

Look, I know how important it’s been for you to give your family the care they’ve needed and I applaud you for how beautifully dedicated you’ve been. How else could they have turned out so good?!

But, perhaps you blinked and suddenly it hit you:

You’ve done SUCH a good job caring for your family – husband, (grown) children, aging parents – that you don’t really even know who you are anymore. They’re thriving, but you’re not.


Your marriage lost its spark too many years ago to count. Or maybe it just ended.


You’ve stayed waaaay too long in the day job, but what else could you possibly do this late in the game?


You don’t get any thanks from anyone and you think you probably don’t deserve it anyway..


You try to maintain a spiritual practice, but it doesn’t seem to change anything…


Any combination of the above and more!!!

You really thought you’d have it together by now, but answer me this...

  • Do you doubt you can REALLY change anything this late in the game?
  • Do you STILL think your family/friends/boss have a greater claim on your life than you do???
  • Are you afraid your loved ones won’t get it if you start looking out for yourself?
  • Are fears about money holding you back from following your heart?
  • Are you afraid to go for your dream because you expect to fail?

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore...

Christina is an amazingly intuitive and empathetic coach. She has helped me shine a mirror on my life, allowing me to reassess what's important to me. Through her guidance I've reconnected with my true self and started to live the life I want! Thank you Christina..."


Embrace Your Worth & Finally Live Your Own Life

At the heart of “RELEASE THE REAL YOU” is my philosophy that life is short and midlife is high time you started living it!

In just one Freedom Session you’ll discover you really do have the courage within you to embrace your worth and share it with the world.

In the sessions that follow you’ll learn to:

  • Reconnect to the ‘you’ deep inside
  • Shed habits that no longer serve you
  • Stand up for yourself in your relationships
  • Make time to do things you enjoy and feed your soul without the guilt
  • Change how you talk about your life
  • Empower yourself to step into your dreams
  • Smile and laugh again

Who this is for...

The woman who knows she deserves more from life.

The woman who’s ready to remember her dreams and start living them.

The woman who’s ready to share her magnificence with the world!

What you get...

Freedom from the Obligation Trap

The Power to Choose

The Courage to Contribute from your Heart

Self-Compassion and Self-Respect

An Intimate Relationship with the Real You

Another Chance at Life


6 weeks of personalised One-to-One coaching with me which includes:

A 60 minute Open Your Heart Session

4 x 45 minute Freedom Sessions

A 60 minute Wrap-Up Your Future Session with Next Steps


A Pre-Coaching Assessment which will reveal sooo much about your lost self before you even start with me


Exclusive email access to, and support from, me (ONLY available to private clients) for the duration of your coaching package

Price: £397

Why coach with me?

Many of us are leading good lives, but scarcely noticing how we’re suffocating within them.

The “Obligation Trap” can be enough to kill you. It very nearly did me. When I woke up to what was happening I had to make some drastic changes to my life.

Now my passion is to help you break free from this slow decline as well, Whether you need to make some huge changes or just some minor tweaks, I’m here for you.

We need to stop holding back and step up into the life we deserve.

I’m A Life Alignment Coach for Midlife Women who KNOW IT’S TIME to change direction and finally live life for themselves.

This is NOT about turning your back on anyone.

It’s about tuning in to your own heart and soul, learning to love yourself and all the opportunities life brings.

It’s about living a life that aligns with what YOU truly believe and bringing that goodness to the world.

You owe yourself a second bite of the cherry...
Stop holding back and Step Up -
Your Magnificent Midlife is waiting for you!