Christina Sharp - Spiritual Life and Mindset Coach

If we’re going to walk awhile together, maybe I could take a few moments of your time to share my story…

I was a good girl growing up, and for the most part a happy one. Moving into adulthood, I retained the habit of always trying to do the right thing.

Part of this involved me joining the Christian church, which led to another belief I clung to with quiet desperation as much as with certainty – the belief that whatever was happening in my life I was in the Right Place.

The problem with thinking you’re in the right place, is that you fail to recognise when you’re not.

Until the universe screams at you!!

Of course I knew I was unhappy in my marriage. I had known this for years and years, but I pushed that knowledge deep down out of sight and employed coping mechanisms to keep it there.

But we all know that when problems are suppressed they eventually jack-in-the-box-jump back out at you.

My jack-in-the-box wake-up call Moment of Truth was, with my 40th birthday fast approaching, the shocking realisation that I wanted this to be my 80th birthday SO I COULD DIE SOONER.

I’m sorry, what was that? Yes, sometimes the reality of the situation can hit you that hard.

Just a mid-life crisis, some said – pay no attention, it will pass. But I knew deep in my soul this was not going to pass.

And I know now that a mid-life crisis is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself back on track.

Question: why did I stay in a situation for so long that it finally blew up in my face that bad?

Simple: I thought I was doing the right thing.

Yep, the Right Thing Syndrome – it can be enough to kill you.

And here’s the thing: when it hits you like that – it’s not the right thing!

This could become a very long story, so let’s leave the details for another time.

For now, here are the facts:

I stayed in a circumstance that was literally crushing the life out of my soul because I believed that God required me to stay in my marriage.

Above all, I wanted to be faithful to God and live consistently with what I believed.

But eventually life forced me to look at those beliefs and what was happening to me.

Eventually life forced me to make a change.

I got a divorce.

And then what happened?

I felt the deepest relief and release of my life.

I discovered my faith in God got stronger, more personal, more real.

I had to leave my church – my whole community and my friends – because they couldn’t understand what was happening in my life.

I was alone.

I learnt how to be me.

I was unexpectedly blessed with a new home, a new husband and a new understanding of the wonderful spiritual journey that we call life.

All this has led me to greater joy and to deeper peace.

Now I can help you travel your path to these delights as well.

A little more about me:

I gained 20 years experience working with women in a church setting, teaching, encouraging and guiding them along their spiritual journey.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, and have since received further education in theology and life coaching.

I now work as a Spiritual Life and Mindset Coach, still acting as a guide for women (and men) as they strengthen their spiritual connection to the Divine, and learn to trust themselves and their intuition. Together we identify and release old habits or beliefs that are keeping them stuck, creating the freedom to build new lives properly aligned to who they really are, and opening the way to greater joy, fulfilment and deep peace.

I live in the UK with my (new) husband and I have two just-about-grown-up daughters.

I grew up in Australia, so have lived on both sides of this amazing planet.

I have many books on my bookshelf that I have read and treasure and also many lining up still to be read (there’s a charity bookshop in town that keeps on drawing me in).

I love looking for Beauty in the everyday – and in Nature – the more spiritually connected you are the more you see.

I occasionally find the time to scrub off a doll’s face and bless her with a new one, gifting her with a unique personality at the same time (custom doll repaints – look it up if this is baffling you!)

My favourite word and the motto I live my life by: TRUST

Christina Sharp - Spiritual Life and Mindset Coach