Midlife is just the beginning...

You’ve given your ALL to those you love.

Now it’s time to give yourself the gift of Freedom.

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Live your life on your own terms - without the guilt

Hi I’m Christina Sharp and I’m here to fight for your freedom.

I show women in midlife and beyond how to get time back on their side and finally live the life they deserve.

You’ve lived long enough to know this isn’t how you wanted it to be.

You’re just about desperate enough to admit it.

Are you brave enough to change it?

Midlife has brought you to your knees.

Now the time has come to step up and Release the Real You.

It’s time to live your own life on your own terms…

And I’m here to show you how.

Christina Sharp - Midlife Mentor

Release the Real You and Live your Truest Life - 1 of 3 ways...

Stop holding back and start living the life you deserve

  • Do you have a deep sense of Peace that cannot be shaken whatever life throws your way?
  • Do you know you are Spiritually Supported every step you take along your life’s journey?
  • Do you Trust Yourself to make wise choices so you can shine your brightest light?
  • Do you love the life you’re living?


  • Do you feel trapped in a life of routine and obligation with no idea how to escape?
  • Do you feel lost in a storm of confusion and overwhelm?
  • Have you lost sight of who you used to be or forgotten the person you once longed to become?
  • Do you feel alone?

My prayer for you is that you are able to answer yes to that first set of questions, but if instead you are nodding along to the second, I promise you it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Christina Sharp and I invite you to walk with me awhile as you tune back into who you are deep in your soul’s essence and create a life that makes your heart sing.

Here’s the Secret: The key to living a life you love is Alignment. The key to living a life of calm, peaceful certitude is Connection.

  • Alignment occurs when you bring your beliefs and your life into harmony.
  • Connection occurs when you remember (or relearn) that you are part of a whole, held by a supportive universe, loved by God.

I am here to cut through the lies, the old habits and inherited beliefs that keep you stuck. I can help you unlearn the old way of living that keeps you from your dreams.

I am here to help you reconnect to Spirit in a way that personally resonates with you, supporting your growth so you can also reconnect to who you truly are and trust your own deep knowing.

And I am here to help you create your own personalized strategies for living life well.

Walk with me awhile and let me bring calm to your storm.

Only then can you live the life you were made for!

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