Why I love me a midlife crisis!

Me, I’m all about the crisis!

Well, not exactly. More, I’m all about putting the crisis behind you.

However, I’m well aware that the midlife crisis gets a bad rap.

If it’s not the middle-aged man with the red sports car and the decades-younger mistress, then it’s…

…. the peri-menopausal woman having a meltdown.

Let’s face it: not pretty.

So many of us deny the crisis, adopt the stiff upper lip (or the smiley mask for you non-British peeps) and just carry on.

And in our quieter moments when we think we’re being honest with ourselves, we may admit to some slight, but quite normal dissatisfaction here and there. Certainly nothing to worry about.

But keeping it hidden away there in the background IS something to worry about.

Because that’s what’s keeping you stuck.

My advice? Let the crisis out.

(By all means do it in a nice controlled manner if you want to – I can help with that).

But let it out.

Because the crisis is the catalyst for change.

And change is the thing that can turn your life around and make it everything you wanted it to be.

You see, I believe midlife is designed to trigger this in us.

We crisis when we realise the extent to which we’ve given up ourselves for others, or to fit in with our family or society’s ideas of success or being a good person (read daughter/wife/mother/employee/teacher/churchgoer/charity worker).

Not that these weren’t good roles to play, not that these weren’t important to us, not that we didn’t do a good job…

…but somehow in the midst of them we lost sight of something deeper about ourselves and now the time has slipped away and…

That’s when we crisis, thinking it might all be too late and we don’t know what it was we really wanted anyway.

The level of disappointment, dissatisfaction or panic you experience is personal to you. It may just manifest as a slight unease, a vague concern about the future.

What matters is that you let it be the catalyst for your growth into the whole person you were meant to be.

It’s your wake-up call.

It’s your second chance.

It’s designed to bring you into the very heart of who you are and want you want in your life.

That’s why I’m all about the crisis.

It’s within the crisis that the miracles happen.

What are you waiting for?

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