What’s True For You? Making Absolute Truth Personal

The Truth Is Beautiful

Truth is what is.

There is something calming and reassuring about Truth.

We, as groups and tribes of human beings, like to bond over shared truths.

This is so powerful.

It gives us that vital sense of belonging.

(Think of a time when you felt out-of-place, rejected or misunderstood. Isn’t that memory enough to know just how essential it is to feel you belong?)

When Truth Turns Ugly

The problems arise when we don’t stop there, in that feel-good place, but start getting pushy about it.

What do I mean?

After we’ve bonded over a shared truth with those of like mind, it’s not uncommon for us to exclude those who don’t share our truth.

And that is where the beauty ends – when we take our shared, but relative, truth and insist on making it absolute for everyone, regardless of their consent.

When we turn truth into dogma.

(Don’t mishear me. I’m not saying Absolute Truth doesn’t exist. The laws of the Universe are Absolute Truth. Gravity will be gravity, and it cares nothing for your conscious acceptance of its reality. God is as God is, regardless of our understanding of what that means.)

But we see even absolute truths from the imperfect perspective of our human experience.

And we cannot force them on another human being, even when we believe it’s “for their own good”.

(The pressure to do something “for your own good” is usually a warning-sign of unhappiness to come, don’t you think?)

We are each at our own level of understanding.

In this sense everything you see and believe is unique to you.

What Are Your Absolute Truths?

About Nature?

About Spirit?

About Humanity?

These are the truths that your understanding of the world stands firmly upon.

They support you and strongly influence your thoughts and actions.

It’s good to be clear on them.

Then you’ll have awareness of why you do what you do, and you can choose your actions according to your values and beliefs to keep your life aligned, fulfilled and pleasing to you.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Yes, know your “absolute” truths and bond with others who believe the same.

Community is so important.

Belonging is vital to our well-being.

But it is so sad when “truth” leads to exclusion and non-belonging for some.

I encourage you to remember the personal choices that come even with absolute truths.

We may not always be “right”.

But we should always be free to choose.

I believe that Truth and Freedom go hand in hand, if we want to bond with others that think as we do AND honour those who think differently.

That’s when truth will really set us free.