Want to find your purpose? Seek peace.

Are you struggling to find your purpose in the world? What if you were to start seeking peace, rather than purpose?

It sounds less stressful to seek peace. Purpose has an urgency to it, a sense of necessity that can put a lot pressure on us. That’s why I used the word “struggle”. It can be a struggle to find what we are “meant” to do. And it can become very stressful if we want to find it, but haven’t.

But peace? In this world? Purpose might be a hard nut to crack, but surely peace is even harder to find? There is so much conflict and confusion in our present world. There can be so much conflict and confusion in our personal lives. Where in heaven or on earth can we find peace?

The answer is in self-actualization. Simply put, in knowing ourselves and living a life that aligns with what we know. Perhaps simply put, but not so simply done.

But, it can be done.

It is a journey, but let me suggest one first step: Let go.

Let go of the urgency. Let go of the desperation that can come in seeking purpose. Take a breath. Think of something that brings you pleasure. Do that thing. Really feel how it makes you feel. Enjoy the sense of peace it gives you.

There, you’ve begun. You’ve sought peace instead of purpose. Not that purpose is a bad thing. It’s not. And it will come, but start with peace. Purpose will follow. Calmly, peaceably, beautifully and naturally it will follow. Just remember to start with a moment’s peace.