Holding Faith

This service is of particular worth to you if you feel lost or confused in your faith journey. You may have spent many years in a church context, but now - for whatever reason - you have either had to leave or you still attend, but know deep down you no longer truly fit.

But where does that leave your faith? You may be desperately trying to hold on to it, but you fear it is slipping through your fingers. You may not be able to look it in the eye anymore without feelings of shame or confusion. You may simply not know how to practice it outside of the church community you once knew.

If any of these sound like you, I can help. I can help you put the pieces of your faith back together in a way that support and encourage you to live the God-given life you are meant to live - in joy and peace.

If this is you, then talk with me.

Finding Purpose

Are you worried that life may be passing you by and you are NO CLOSER to finding your true purpose? Do you fear you have WASTED too much of your life and you desperately want to find the right path for the time you have left?

If this rings true for you then rest assured it is not the case. You step further into your purpose every day and not a single one of those days is EVER wasted.

Don't believe me? Trust. Trust me, but more importantly, trust yourself. I can show you how. I can show you how the path you have been traveling was the one for you and the path you are on now is that same path into purpose.

Whether you prefer to see yourself as created by God for a purpose, as co-creating your life with the Universe, or on a journey to reconnect with the Divine in you, I can help you see your way more clearly.

Talk with me.

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One-to-One Private Coaching

I offer programmes of private coaching which provide you with the opportunity to dig deep into self-actualization in the areas of faith and purpose. You will come out the other side with a deeper self-knowledge and a greater confidence in expressing who your truly are, your beliefs, opinions and choices. You won't be worried about "getting it right" or what others may think, because you will know your own worth and you will have the means to experience peace and joy every day of your life. This is invaluable. Talk to me.

Group Programmes

I have a group programme in production for mid 2017. Watch this space!

Next Steps...

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