Money worries? Replace them with gratitude

When we are looking to bring our life INTO ALIGNMENT (all the parts working together in harmony) we often see the AREA OF OUR FINANCES as the culprit that prevents us from sorting everything else out.

If I had enough money coming in I wouldn’t have to WORRY so much and then I’d have the FREEDOM to do what I really want with my life.

Now I am not one to underestimate the need for a decent and regular income in our modern lives, nor would I ever presume to belittle someone’s genuine money worries.

My goodness, I worry enough about money!

But this is my point.

I don’t know anything about your financial situation, but I do know mine.

I know I have the tendency to worry about my future financial stability.

I worry about 6 months from now.

I worry about 2 years from now.

I worry about 25 years from now.

Now let’s stop this worry-fest right here.

Instead of worrying about my unknown future, I’m going to remember the example of my past.

When I look back over my life I see that I may not always have had a lot of money BUT I have ALWAYS HAD ENOUGH.

NEVER have I had to go without something I really needed.

Now, if that is my experience of life so far, why am I so worried that my life is suddenly going to change so dramatically that I won’t have enough anymore?

What do I even think “not enough” is going to look like?

Instead of wasting time, energy and emotion on an imagined future that has no basis in current reality, why don’t I –

a) Give thanks for the financial abundance I have so far known in my life?

b) Invest that time, energy and emotion into enjoying what I have right now in the present?

(Now if you are in a position where you don’t have enough money for your needs, my heart goes out to you. Many have been in your position and pulled through – otherwise they wouldn’t be here now. Use that time, energy and emotion to seek help and put in place strategies to recover a financial balance in your life. You can and will make it happen.)

Whatever your financial position you can begin to ALIGN YOUR FINANCES with one simple adjustment:

Replace the worry with gratitude.

I’ve been doing this lately and I’m amazed by the good fortune I have had in my life and how much I have taken it for granted or worse, felt it was not enough because it was less than others had.

If you have food in your belly you have something to be grateful for.

Financial alignment might require you to find a new job, curb your spending, create a debt recovery plan, invest in training… but whatever you need to do… let that place of thankfulness be your starting point as you begin to align your finances with your life.

It will change your whole perspective, and that in turn will change your life.

Our financial health is essential to our modern life, but it is not the element you need to sort in order to make everything else happen.

Rather, it is your sense of peace, of trust in your spirit – that will put you in prime position to make your whole life work for you.

And if you want to do that – practising gratitude is the place to start.