Christmas stressful? Call in the joy.

With the holiday season upon us it is all go, go, go. With 1001 things to do, you might find yourself spinning madly in a storm of other people’s expectations, or worse – your own.

You’ve only been out of bed two minutes and already you feel stressed, drained and desperate for the day to be 48 hours long.

You know this is not sustainable. You know this is not what Christmas is about. Heck, this is not what life is about.


My gift for you this season is a suggestion: the suggestion that you do things differently.

Aligning your life with your soul’s longing and purpose means investing your energy in the things that will give you joy, peace and other such Christmas-type feelings. So why not use this Christmas to experiment with a little life and soul alignment?

It’s the perfect season to chuck out the stress and bring in the soul-centered joy.


If you want to give this a whirl, try checking in with yourself each morning and evening to focus your energy on the things you want in your life these holidays.

Each morning remind yourself of what you want to create and experience this season. Think about how you want to feel, and the relationships you want to have with family and friends. Breathe in to that desire and feel that feeling. That’s it. What could be simpler? It takes two minutes.

Now you are focused. Throughout the rest of the day, when you feel your blood-pressure rising, pause and ask: how is what I am doing now contributing to my Christmas joy?

If you’re screaming at the kids, you might want to rein yourself in and let them watch a festive movie while you write those cards.

Or better still, instead of trying to perfect your napkin-folding skills, there might be more joy for everyone if you snuggle down under a blanket and watch it with them.


When you turn into bed take another 2 minutes to review how the day went. What worked? What didn’t? This is not about failure or blame. It’s about getting into the rhythm of the experience of the life you want.

Observe and course-correct. Breathe out the the events of the day that didn’t work for you and let them go. Congratulate yourself on noticing how they didn’t serve you or your holiday joy, because tomorrow you’ll be carrying that additional wisdom with you. Then put your head on the pillow accompanied by the memory of what did work.

Yes, you’ll have responsibilities and obligations this Christmas, but you also have choices of how you fulfil them. You have the choice to be your best (imperfect) self, in everything you do. And in those things you don’t.