Celebrating a post-church Easter

Anyone with a religious heritage knows how hard it is to “let go”, even when you have in part “moved on” along the spiritual path. For those of us with Christian roots, who for whatever reason, have found ourselves estranged from the church, Easter is a particularly challenging time. As THE key festival of our faith- the very point of salvation – we can’t just ignore it. And, I suggest, we shouldn’t want to.

I’ve been semi-out-of-church for 7 years now (“semi” because I still attend occasional worship services without the pressures of active church community membership and “semi” because I still seek to honour my Christian roots as part of my expanding spiritual perspective and “semi” because I still use the word “God” in my divine vocabulary). Seven years sounds like a reasonable period of time and I have journeyed a long way, but on the other hand it doesn’t seem very long at all.

So, where does that leave me this Easter?

I find myself wanting to focus less on the cross (!!) because I am seeing it now as an instrument of human torture with an objectivity I didn’t have before. I used to be able to shut out the horror because the message of forgiveness associated with it cancelled the rest out. I gave lip service to the cruelty, but because of the “good” outcome of salvation and resurrection I didn’t feel the repulsion I should have. It had become sanitized through familiarity. For me the ends blithely justified the means. This year I’m feeling greater repulsion.

And yet…

In my bones, this is still the greatest message of God’s love I know. This is the Divine self-sacrificing to open the way for deep, honest relationship with us. A key message of my work and a cornerstone to my own life is our Connection to the Divine as our spiritual support base for everything we are and everything we do – the very key to a successful, happy and peaceful life. At its heart the message of Easter celebrates this Connection.

I know I am only scratching the surface of the issues I’m raising here, but there is no room to do them justice.

So this Easter (regardless of what took place that first Easter) I choose to remember the message of Jesus with these words:

  • Relationship
  • Divine Way
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Rebirth
  • New Life
  • Love
  • Connection


I don’t know where you are on your spiritual path – where you’ve come from and where you seek to journey to. Wherever you are, may I encourage you to take this Easter season to remind yourself of the supportive certainty of your Divine Connection and honour what that looks like for you?