Busting the Midlife Bulge – 3 Ways to Love Your Changing Body

Love your body in new ways

I’m sure you’re well aware that battling the midlife blues can be tough, and especially the bulge (never mind the menopause!!) that can suddenly come out of nowhere as we reach our middle years and totally throw us out of balance with our own bodies. That’s why you’re here on this blog, am I right?

You want to know exactly how to set yourself free from the fear of getting older and own your midlife journey in way that boggles the minds of our youth-obsessed society.

Here’s the ugly truth about midlife women and their aging bodies:

One study* recently polled 1100 adults over the age of 40, showing 33 percent of women were worried about the sagging, wrinkling, and weight changes taking place as they aged. And this is from age 40 – we’re not talking 80+ here!

It really is hard to watch your body changing and learn how to really care for it and love it new ways.

Yeah, and standing up and being seen, proud and strong in your maturing body is even harder.

There are going to be times when you just CAN’T deal with the ups and downs of trying to claim the beauty of who you are now in a world that only wants to see you as you used to be.

There will be days you want to hide indoors and binge in front of Netflix (tell me, what’s your downfall – sweet or salty?)

There will be days when your family pushes all your (fat) buttons. My slim and gorgeous teenage daughter with the exact build I had at her age went through a phase of regular references to my “middle-aged spread”. Not helpful!

It’s gonna be tough so how do you ditch those body blues and love what you’ve got?

Strategy #1:

Appreciate WHY this is happening to you.

It’s time to remind yourself these changes are all Normal and Natural.

As a caring and spiritual midlife woman, you’re no doubt developing a deeper bond and love of the natural world (this happens). Practice transferring this appreciation to yourself. As a woman, you are a part of the natural world and, like nature you are progressing through your natural cycle.  The changes in your body are signals to you of how much you have achieved in your life so far and the wisdom of experience you are ready to carry into your future. Your changing body is your glory.

Strategy #2:

Develop your Perfect-Fit Body-Love Routine.

Your changing body is crying out to be loved; it’s asking you to Listen.

Your body is as unique as you are, and you and your body can come together to create a new self-care regime that works for you (both!). Midlife is a new stage in your journey where you get to craft a life you love that may be different to what it was before. Have fun with eating new foods, using new body products (natural, organic, paraben-free etc highly recommended) and perhaps try out some gentle yoga or a gym membership (with a friend to help you show up). Experiment and when you find what’s right-fit for you, you will love it and your body will thank you.

Strategy #3:

Spread the Word, Not your Middle

Sisters, we have to talk about these things.

Another beautiful thing about midlife is how much easier it can be for women to drop the competition and support one another as sisters. By speaking out about the beauty of our bodies as they age can liberate us from the societal expectations around us and help us ditch the shame. Finding an accountability partner for the care we want to show our bodies can make an enormous difference to our success. Get together and appreciate one another for the different shapes and sizes that you are.

Here’s a quick activity for you:

Find a sheet of paper and write down the name of one middle-aged woman you really admire – her body, mind and spirit. It can be someone you know or a celebrity. Spend a moment in recognition of how you respect all of her, and how her body (whatever its shape) doesn’t hold her back.

Let her be your inspiration whenever you feel like you are totally overwhelmed by what your body is doing. Remember, you are totally beautiful in your unique wholeness.

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*source: medicaldaily.com