Be Where You Are

Do you find that sometimes messages just come through loud and clear? Everywhere you turn the message is the same. You cannot ignore it.
I have had a week like that and it’s been GLORIOUS.
I love these infusions of intuition and spiritual gifting of an affirmation in my soul.

Our culture trains us to be in such a hurry.
To want everything now.
To achieve success.
To reach our destination.
To attain our goals.

And in the worlds of personal development, coaching, business and even spiritual awakening we also look ahead to follow our dreams, plan our futures, reach our goals.
And this is good. I’m all for moving forward, growing expanding, finding fulfillment.
Is that where true joy, peace and fulfillment really lies?

My divinely sent message of affirmation:
Accept your life as it stands NOW
Love yourself as you are NOW
Delight in the experiences that have crafted you SO FAR
Take joy in the PRESENT journey.

Of course never give up on the pursuit of your dreams. But the way to reach them begins with embracing everything about where you are in this present moment. Never neglect the NOW. In many ways it’s all and everything we ever have.