Banishing Negative Self-Talk in Midlife

Words from your Wise-Woman Self

How do you feel about affirmations?
Every person has their own versions of them.
Sometimes it’s a prayer. Sometimes it’s a self-esteem boost. Sometimes it’s like a magic spell.
I view them as a means to replace negative self-talk.
Some people feel a bit silly using them.
Some people just don’t feel the need of them.
Often people feel like they’re trying to convince themselves of something that’s not true.
I confess I used to feel that.

But here’s why I still recommend them.

I didn’t realise my self-esteem was low at the time, but I was constantly berating myself for the smallest things.
• If I dropped something I called myself an idiot.
• If I forgot something I’d ask myself why I was so stupid.
I also failed to realise at the time how UNTRUE my words were.
Or how every time they escaped my lips I was conditioning myself to believe them.
Or how, by believing them, I was limiting myself and my potential.

So, if we can fall into the trap of using anti-affirmations that are not true, why should we not choose to actively engage positive words about ourselves until we believe them enough to prove them true???
Speaking an affirmation is a sign that you are committed to moving forward.
That however you feel about yourself now, you want to feel and be something more.
They can and do help you shift your mindset and your behaviour.

Truth be told, I don’t use them much anymore because I’m confident in my self-worth.
But when a little self-doubt creeps in (as it does for all of us from time to time) I remember that a positive word in my own ear can work miracles.
When it comes to the shift into midlife you may need an affirmation/a word in your own ear or a little prayer to keep you upbeat and excited (or just not despairing) about the changes to your body and/or personal circumstances.
Ageing gracefully isn’t always easy.

Speak yours now

Here’s an affirmation you can try: I am growing into my most beautiful wise-woman self.
Say it out loud. Whisper it to yourself.
Feel it.
Embrace it.
I am growing into my most beautiful wise-woman self.

How does that make you feel?

I’d love to know. Share with me in the comments.
Or if you’ve created your own affirmation instead, I’d love to hear that too.

P.S – Affirmations are just one of the tools you can gather through the Midlife Woman’s Transition Toolbox. In this course I teach how to up-level the technique to Value-Based Affirmations.