About Us


My approach

I work with you to let go of fears surrounding your faith journey and your life.

I guide you as you let go of old wounds and embrace new pathways.

I travel with you as you reconnect to Spirit and pursue a life of spiritual confidence, purpose and joy.

My Story

I spent over 20 years teaching and encouraging women in various churches as they sought to follow God and grow in their faith and spiritual journey. I worked with these women in small groups, large seminars and one-to-one.

But when my marriage ended I found I no longer fitted in this setting, so I began the next stage of my Divinely-led spiritual journey: a journey of deeper faith, self-discovery and spiritual expansion. I learned new perspectives, new practices and how to have a faith that truly aligns with my life, my understanding of the world and my created self.

And all this has led me to greater joy, peace and reward!

Now I can help you travel YOUR path to these delights as well!

Next Steps...

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